Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vancouver has Winter

Happy New Years

Vancouver has been having a real winter. This in not the usual weather from Vancouver.We have been in the freezer for a month now and some of the walking conditions are less that optimum. People are skating on one of the city ponds, first for at least ten years.  While sliding around in the slush and ice strangers seem to enjoy the camaraderie of a common plight. Still I am not enjoying it so much that I will be sad to see the earth unadorned with snow.

For one more week I will spend much of my time assembling and making whistles and earrings and such at my table in Granville Island Public Market, then the jurying season will begin. That is the time to make applications for the rest for the years festivals and other sales opportunities. Not a time beloved by me or may artisan friends.

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