Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Delights of Jump Rings

One of the perks of cleaning up the studio is finding unfinished projects that are a delight to finish with some newly acquired knowledge.

This necklace was started years ago. I  intended to fasten the pieces together with wire or sinew but it just wasn't coming together. I started working with jump rings more a few months ago. I bought a variety of sizes and didn't really have a use for the larger sizes. They were just the thing to finish this piece.

This is not a style that I am likely to pursue but is always good to see a piece completed, even if it take a few years.


NearingPolymerClay said...

Joan, love your designs, always.

joan tayler said...

Glad to get feed back, especially the positive kind.

The JR said...

I like it. Glad you thought of using the jump rings.